Places of Worship

Whilst you are at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Divine Love you can find many places of worship:

  • the Old Shrine,
  • the New Shrine,
  • the crypt of Our Lady of Sorrows,
  • the tower of the First Miracle,
  • the Cave of Lourdes,
  • the Cave of Elijah,
  • the Blessed Sacrament Chapel,
  • the Holy Spirit Chapel,
  • the Confessional Chapel
  • the beautiful chapel which is located inside the Hotel.

“O Virgin Mary,
Lady of Divine Love,
bless always with your maternal presence
this holy place and all the pilgrims.
Grant the gift of peace to the city of Rome, to Italy and to the whole world,
as your Son Jesus promised to those who believe in Him.
Grant, o Holy Mother, that all the pilgrims who pray at your Shrine
find comfort in the certainty of Divine Love,

Blessed Pope John Paul II
July 4, 1999 – The date when the New Shrine was solemnly blessed.